VHS List
Click on the band logo to get my list of their videos.

Master = I have a master copy
SB = soundboard audio
PRO = professionally filmed multi-cam recording with soundboard audio
HV - an officially released home video
TV = recorded from TV (duh)

I have rated them 5 to 10 in video / audio quality.
I basically gave 5 automatic points for having music on them.
Keep in mind that I also factor in the age of the video in my ratings.
For example, if it's a video from 1986 and it looks bad, I won't be as hard on it
as I would a show from 2 years ago that's crappy.
The ratings are strictly my opinion and are as follows:

10 = perfect, usually PRO shot  recordings, or the absolute best of audience recordings.
(I never give a perfect 10 to an audience video, only to perfect PRO shots.
My highest possible rating of an aud. video is 10-)
9 = excellent audience recordings, or slightly generated PRO shot videos.
8 = may be generated or distant shot but still very watchable, or grainy generated PRO video.
7 = not too good, but not too bad for a fan of the group, or PRO videos that are highly generated.
6 = tolerable for the serious fan or collector, but anyone else should stay clear.
5 = get at your own risk.
If it get's less than 5 it's probably a blank tape.
+ or - means slightly above or below this standard.
I can only record and trade in NTSC format.
I am no longer trading VHS, my collection has gotten too big and is causing a major space issue.
The video pages below will no longer be updated, so refer to my DVD list for video trades.
The link is at the bottom of this page, as well as a link
to my list of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes on DVD, which are also for trade.
Also, I prefer not to copy or send VHS videos anymore, but I'll make exceptions if it's
for something I really want, and it's my only option for getting it.