Trading Rules
1. Please use media made in Japan, whether it is CD or DVD media.
If you absolutely cannot find any where you live, a good name brand can be accepted.
I normally trade 2 CDs for 1 DVD, except in the case of DL (dual layer) DVDs.
I only have a few so far, but because the media is around $3 per disc, I will trade them
for 4 regular DVDs or 8 CDs, which is still a bargain.

2. Please burn CDs in "Disc At Once" mode, without 2 second gaps.
Very basic stuff here.

3. No MP3 sourced CDs, whatsoever.  If you're not sure how to identify them,
here and here for all the info you will need.

4. No DVDs copied on a stand-alone recorder.  By this I do not mean they must be
PC authored.  This means they should not be copied on-the-fly between a DVD player and a
stand-alone recorder (the same way you would copy VHS in other words).
This degrades the video and adds a digital "generation", making it more compressed and pixellated.
Also, make sure the copy you already have has not been dubbed this way.
The easiest way to tell is if your DVD has a stand-alone menu on it, and after you
start it you see another menu appear and start by itself, and/or when the video
is over a stand-alone menu appears at the end and plays for the remainder of the disc.
If it does this, I don't want it.

5. If you send me a list without any generation or source info on your DVDs,
I will have a hard time picking anything, since I need to know these things, or at least see
a screen capture if no other info is available.

6. Please don't write anything on my discs.
I'm not picky about shipping method, but I prefer overseas traders to not send registered,
since I prefer not to haver to go pick it up at the P.O. if I'm not here to sign for it.
I also don't send registered since it's too much extra.